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The Drift Meat and Seafood.

We are on a mission to reconnect people with nature. We believe that as a society we have become too disconnected from our food, as well as the land and sea it comes from.

The Drift has local at it’s core. Nestled here on Vancouver Island surrounded by the bountiful waters of British Columbia, as well as working in the Cowichan Valley gives us the opportunity to work with some great local families to create the products you’ve grown to love.

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve been able to partner with local farmers and it’s important to us that we work with farmers that raise their animals with the highest possible standards of welfare. Not only does it benefit the animals to live in a more natural setting, but it benefits us all with more wholesome and nutritious products.

There’s just something to using as locally grown food as possible as your ingredients. A perfect example would be seasonally purchasing fruit and vegetables and then using them in your own home recipes. The finished meal you create just can’t be compared to when using the same ingredients but unseasonable and from far away lands. From our garlic scapes, to whole fennel, we’re always thinking of how we can add more locally grown, raised, and fished foods to our menus.

Working with carefully chosen fishermen helps us keep focused on providing a consistent range of sustainably sourced, delightful fish and fish products that we have seasonally throughout the year. Whenever possible, we strive to work with hook & line caught fish for our fish fillets as well as crafted seafood products. Not only is it a more sustainably sourced product but also has the added benefit of having superior flavour and texture.

The artisanal food producers and makers that we partner with for our delivery system is an extension of everything we are and believe in. The specially curated local producers you find on this site are something we either like to enjoy in our own homes, or have been curated to be something special that you’ll enjoy.

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