The Drift Meat & Seafood

Tuscan Lamb Burgers

2 Burgers. 2/3 LB. Frozen. Perfect for the grill! Ingredients: Lamb, Chunks of Parmigiana cheese, Sundried tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Fresh Oregano, Salt, Pepper. Looking for ideas how to serve this? Check out our Recipes and Tips page! 
The Drift Meat & Seafood

Syrian Lamb Kebabs

6 Kebabs. 1 LB. Frozen. Get a flavour of the other side of the globe, made right here in the Cowichan Valley. Fantastic kebabs that go great with any meal. Try them on the BBQ...
The Drift Meat & Seafood

Lamb Grounds

1 LB. Frozen. The Lamb is fed on pasture grasses and is as always non-GMO, Steroid and Anti-biotic free ensuring a healthy alternative meat for many dishes. Looking for ideas how to serve this? Check...
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